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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Carrie Diaries Fashion

I am obsessed with the new show Carrie Diaries (but Sex and the City is still my first love). I heard producers where considering not renewing the show. Producers if you see this it is you sign that the show is Fabulous and the second season will be a hit! I know the time from of the shoes is in the 80's, but the show still inspires my outfit choices in the morning. Here is my modern take on styling.

What I am wearing: Forever21 blouse and coat, Rich and Skinny Jeans, and See by Chloe boots.


Florida Style

I went to visit family last month, but I have been crazy busy so I am just now posting my outfits from my trip!

What I am wearing: Jcrew cardigan, Forever21 blouse, Anthropologie jeans, and Target sandals.

#thelittlethings a walk on the beach with your dad.

What I am wearing: Target blouse and Jcrew chino shorts.

This is my cute Aunt who I stayed with and I am wearing: Vintage sweater, Jcrew chino shorts, and Target wedges.