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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

People Style Watch September 2011

I love people Style watch. I think they do a great job with all of their outfits and in style clothes. I have A LOT of boots!! I have many fry pairs, and other 300+ dollar shoes. I always spend good money on jeans and boots. BUT when I was reading this article on black leather boots. I discovered I didn't own a pair! Out of all 50 pairs of boots I own, I didn't have black leather! I had already spend my fall boot allowance on a pair of brown leather knee high boots. 
I wanted a black pair so bad!
I never really shop at old navy, I think their clothes tend to look cheap. But I tried on these boots shown in the picture above and I really liked them. They did not look cheap, but looked nice. So I bought them and also bought a sweater I was wearing in my last post. But I would recommend these boots to anyone!

Hugs & Wishes!

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  1. Love boots at that length!! Though the weather is still not boots-appropriate yet! hehe x


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