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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Take a Peak into My Summer

Nanny all day means lots of pool time,

lots of Yoga in down town OKC,

Fourth of July at Grand Lake,

summer means more flowers,

hard day at work? Have a cupcake,

new restaurant called Waffle Champion in Midtown OKC,

and my little sister turned four! 

Summer is flying by! Between working two jobs and taking summer classes I still make 
time to do some activities I enjoy! I am about to head out to Dallas with my mom for my birthday weekend. I am beyond excited! 

Hugs & Wishes!


  1. Cool!


  2. aww happy birthday to your cutie of a little sister! and dang, you have such a busy schedule and it's inspiring to hear you do all these fun things in between. I really need to step up my yoga game!

    xo marlen
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