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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to shop like a Maxxinista

  I recently stopped by my local TJMax trying to find some good deals since I am on a budget! I was actually surprised by the good deals I  scoped out. But trust me it takes time and a good hour or two. So drink a grande iced coffee with a shot of sugar-free peppermint before you go (well thats my favorite Starbucks coffee anyway). Here is what I found with amazing prices! Though I was disappointed with how highly marked up their shoes were. Like give a girl a break!

I have been wanting more lose fitting graffic shirts lately to wear with my denim vest I recently purchased. So I lucked out when I found this Chaser shirt market down to $15 when normal it goes for around $57.00!

Next up is this darling Free People dress I scored for $40.00 when normally it is $148.00. A girl can never have to many dresses! 

Deal of the day goes to these bad boys which normally are $235.00 when I got them for... wait take a breath.... $25.00! They fit perfectly (Okay I have to have them hemmed because I am short but minus that). 

This top is Free People and it was still $40.00 but compared to $98.00. It was worth it though because the fit hug nicely.

Last up is these Betsey Johnson sunglasses I got to put in my pool bag. There were only $12.99 compared to $55.00

Hugs & Wishes!

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  1. Love the sunglasses:-) great for a pin up girl look :-)

    Kisses from Dublin


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